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Stormy was our first mini.My daddy said lets feed the goats. I went into the shed which is now a barn and there she was a sorrel and white pinto.

Stormy is 26 inches and registered AMHR.

I went looking for a mini.I never knew I would find one with such beautiful dark blue eyes. She is our second mare. Her name is Pansy. She has lost one of her eyes but, she has made a great recovery and has had her first foal. 

Pansy is 30 inches and registered AMHA.

  Sally is the biggest of our mares at 34 inches. She is registered AMHA.
 Barbie is 32 inches and registered AMHA. She is the mother of our first foal McCoy. 


Blue Belle is a 32 inch blue roan. She is beautiful and has had her first foal, Smurfette.

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